Current Research Students

Alexandros Komninos

Nils Monning

Chaitanya Kaul

Di Wang

Reem Alqifari

Reem AlRashdi


Graduated Research Students

Baoguo Yang (2017) User Information Modelling in Social Communities and Networks. PhD

Akihiro Katsura (2014) Answer Re-ranking with bilingual LDA and social QA forum corpus. MSc by Research.

Shailesh Pandey (2014) Learning to Rank and Order Answers to Definition Questions. PhD.

Shuguang Li (2014) Beyond Question Answering: Understanding the Information Need of the User. PhD.

Santa Basnet (2013) Unsupervised morpheme segmentation in a non-parametric Bayesian framework. MSc by Research.

Azniah Ismail (2013) Minimally Supervised Techniques for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction. PhD.

Siva Reddy (2012) Polysemy in Compositional Distributional Semantics. MSc by Research.

Burcu Can (2012) Statistical Models for Unsupervised Learning of Morphology and POS Tagging. PhD.

Suraj Jung Pandey (2011) Opinion Analysis through Constraint Optimisation. MSc by Research.

Ioannis Korkontzelos (2010) Unsupervised Learning of Multiword Expressions. PhD.

Ioannis Klapaftis (2009) Unsupervised Concept Hierarchy Induction: Learning the Semantics of Words. PhD.

Bartosz Ziółko (2009) Speech Recognition of Highly Inflective Languages. PhD. [Joint supervision with Richard Wilson]

Pierre Andrews (2008) Persuasive Computer Dialogue Improving Human-Computer Communication. PhD.

Silvia Quarteroni (2007) Advanced Techniques for Personalized, Interactive Question Answering. PhD.

Joanna Moy (2006) Word order and case in models of simulated language evolution. PhD.

Jose-Luis Jara Valencia  (2005) Highly Portable Information Extraction. PhD.

Marco De Boni (2004) Relevance in Open Domain Question Answering: Theoretical Framework and Application. PhD.

Jonathan Pickering (2004) Intelligent Camera Planning for Computer Graphics. PhD. [Joint supervision with Patrick Olivier]

Enrique Alfonseca. An approach for automatic generation of on-line information systems based on the integration of Natural Language Processing and Adaptive Hypermedia techniques. PhD. (Part supervision only 2002-2004. Completed PhD in UAM Spain)

Stephen Watkinson (2003) Unsupervised learning of categorial grammars. PhD.

Alistair Willis (2002)  Quantifier scopings in an underspecified semantic representation. PhD.